Four groups Cecilia pod machine of Lucaffé

€ 1.800.00

Cecilia Speed 4 groups Coffee machine for pods

The Cecilia Speed 4 groups is faster than a classic bar machine. It can make 4 coffees at a time with an extreme speed and with an energy consumption that goes up to 70% less.

It allows you to prepare 4 coffees at the same time and at the same time is very flexible because it allows you to switch off unnecessary groups when they are not needed. As for the other models of the series, in each group it is possible to mount the single spout (for 7 g pods, 1 cup) or the double spout (for 14 g pods, two cups). It mounts a 3 and a half liter boiler, which is an exceptional reduction in energy consumption compared to machines on the market. The drain pan is also particularly large (3.5 liters). Cecilia Speed 4 groups exists in automatic version (keys: long coffee and short coffee).


H L P 42 x 77.5 x 45

Weight 36 Kg

Absorbed power 3600 W

19 L tank

Safety thermostat YES

Separate boiler for hot water YES

Cappuccino steam dispenser YES

Deposit prevention filter YES

Our machines, in addition to guaranteeing the preparation of excellent espresso coffees, cappuccinos, herbal teas, infusions and chocolates, are designed starting from noble materials and with solutions aimed at obtaining the greatest possible energy savings.

Available models with exclusively manual operation or mixed operation (manual or automatic).