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Mokashop: not just coffee!

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Scalzi pitted green olives

Perfect for enriching salads, pizza , or simply enjoyed alone . An excellent choice for those who want to add a touch of flavor and class to their dishes without the hassle of stones. Excellent to serve for an aperitif with friends!


Scalzi chilli flavored oil

Perfect for giving a pinch of pepper to pizza, pasta, grilled meats, or even a simple bruschetta , it is essential for those who love bold and distinctive flavours. Try it for a delicious pasta with garlic, oil and chilli!


Scalzi fillet aubergines

Ideal for enriching appetizers or creating irresistible side dishes , they offer a soft texture and unrivaled culinary versatility. Pickled in oil and flavored with selected herbs, they are ready to be added to gourmet sandwiches, pasta dishes or Mediterranean salads.


Collaborations with agricultural companies

From extra virgin olive oil to our special preserves, saffron and many other products. Discover all our fantastic products.

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