The Best of 400 gr of Loacker

€ 9.95

There are so many ways to show affection to the people you love and share moments of pure pleasure, and they are all enclosed in Best of 400g.
Let yourself be captured by the bright colors of the box and think about the best way to surprise friends or relatives. Any occasion is good. For when the holidays are approaching or when there is something to celebrate: with Best of marveling is simple! Anyone who will receive this precious gift just needs to open the package, which turns into a practical tray, and offer one of the 44 small individually wrapped specialties. Everyone present will be delighted with fragrant wafer pods, layers and layers of enveloping cream, fine chocolate and delicious decorations. There is something for everyone:
  • 4x Mini Original Cake 9g, delights with a creamy heart and toasted hazelnuts;
  • 3x Mini Dark Cake 9g, elegant thanks to fine dark chocolate;
  • 4x Gran Pasticceria Coconut 8,3g, rich in exotic coconut flakes;
  • 3x Gran Pasticceria Cappuccino 8.3g, perfect balance between milk and coffee;
  • 4x Gran Pasticceria Crème Noisette 8,3g, authentic celebration of the hazelnut;
  • 3x Gran Pasticceria Dark Hazelnut 8.3g, intense as few;
  • 3x Gran Pasticceria White Coconut 8.3g, pure delicacy;
  • 4x Wafer Classic Minis Vanilla 10g, with the aroma of Bourbon vanilla beans;
  • 4x Wafer Classic Minis Napolitaner 10g, mini and aromatic goodies;
  • 4x Wafer Classic Minis Cremkakao 10g, the harmony of chocolate and cocoa;
  • 4x Wafer Chocolat Minis Napolitaner 9,5g, Loacker tradition covered with milk chocolate;
  • 4x Wafer Chocolat Minis Dark Dark Noir 9,5g, a riot of dark chocolate.

Everyone will find their favorite and it will be a surprise!

What to expect: Delights of milk chocolate (15%), extra dark chocolate (8%) and white chocolate (2%) with delicate hazelnut, chocolate, coffee, coconut and vanilla cream (58% cream) and fragrant wafers
Content:44 Mini format products individually packaged and contained in a functional cardboard box. Once opened, the box acts as a practical tray, from which family, friends and guests can be served comfortably
A great gift idea !!!