Sharing Kids can 351 g of Loacker

€ 14.90

Share a moment of goodness. The best gift is the one you can share with those you love. Loacker's pastry art meets the art of giving. The charming design and a special selection of wafers of the Sharing Kids can will melt anyone's heart.

9x Classic Minis Napolitaner Fragrant wafers with hazelnut cream

9x Classic Minis Cremkakao Fragrant wafers with cocoa and chocolate cream

9x Chocolat Minis Napolitaner Fragrant wafers covered with milk chocolate filled with hazelnut cream

9x Chocolat Minis Dark Noir Fragrant wafers covered with extra dark chocolate filled with dark chocolate cream

Measurements: length: 23 cm, height: 23 cm, depth: 5.5 cm.

A great gift idea !!!