Pasticceria Canestrelli gift box 300 g of Grondona

€ 14.00

Grondona packaging gift box of Canestrelli Antica Genova®
The Canestrelli Antica Genova ® have the shape of true greatness: simplicity.
The crispness and flavor of the past in a simple shortcrust pastry that becomes special thanks to the rich ingredients and the long and careful processing.
Selected flour, fresh butter and vanilla beans, freshly squeezed lemon, in a specialty of Genoese pastry art, sober and attentive to substance as is the land that has cradled its recipes.
The choice is yours on how to taste them, whether pure in their rough texture or finished with a sprinkling of icing sugar that we have packaged separately in a sachet for garnishing.

300 gr