Assorted pastry gift box 300 g of Grondona

€ 9.20

In a single package Grondona has collected some of the most delicious recipes, to be kept in the cupboard to celebrate the beloved rites of hospitality or to collect the taste in view of daily greedy choices. In the elegant box, five qualities of pastry biscuits packaged separately in portions of four to maintain the scents and fragrances of the freshly baked.

Boccino (the traditional recipe of pandolce with extra Pisa pine nuts, sultana raisins and candied fruit), Fior di Cocco (coconut flakes in a rich butter shortcrust pastry), Canestrellino al Cacao (Cocoa shortcrust pastry with pure dark chocolate nuggets) Scagliette (dark chocolate butter nuggets enrich the classic shortcrust pastry with butter) Canestrellino (classic Genoese shortcrust pastry, with butter, rich and simple)

300 gr